This meal was very enjoyable and I thought that the sauce was the best part! It really brought out the subtle flavors of the burger and the flat bread! I actually used some of the left over roasted garlic to rub on the flatbread with some earth balance. I then stuck them in the oven until they were nice and crispy =)


This, along with a carrot cake smoothie, is one of my favorite breakfasts right now! =) It is simple, gluten free, nut free and delicious! In fact, I might go make another batch right now! =)

Hope you enjoy! (Buckwheat Granola Recipe Here) ((I used honey instead of stevia- just poured some in =)))

This Carrot Cake Smoothie has been a major part of my breakfast/afternoon meals and snacks. It is delicious, soothing and wonderfully healthy. I will often add a little greens to the recipe since it does not alter the taste but ups the nutritional value =) I usually make one of these in the morning and have a little over half with my breakfast (some form of protein, healthy fat and whole grain).  I stick the rest in the fridge and usually drink it in the late afternoon/early evening when I get home from work. I’m always surprised how calm and satisfied it makes my stomach feel – usually raw veggies leave my stomach burning or bloated. Anyways, I highly  suggest you make this recipe – You will not be disappointed!

Happy Monday everyone! Today marks the beginning of Nathan’s last week of classes! And with family vacation only one week away we are pretty  excited! =) Is anyone else going on vacation soon? Its nice to have time to totally relax with family and friends =) Of course the fact that summer is under way makes me realize that Nathan and I have been married for almost two years… wow, the time has flew by! =) I hope it slows down a little  or else I’ll blink and we will be celebrating our ten year anniversary!

But anyways onto this delicious dinner recipe from Namely Marley. Nathan and I both love tofu and hummus….so hummus crusted tofu..sign us up! The recipe was not at all difficult and we really enjoyed the end result.

The Kale Pesto Quinoa was just around two cups of cooked quinoa mixed with a lovely kale pesto recipe – yum! I believe I will be using kale for this purpose much more often =)

The carrots turned out well, although I did forget to add the lime juice lol =) Here are all the recipes you need to make up this healthy meal =)

Hope that everyone has a great Monday!

These are wonderful. I am forever thankful for this recipe because I am pretty sure I will be making them over and over… This recipe does call for one egg, but I’m sure that there are plenty of substitute possibilities to make these vegan (perhaps I will experiment next time =).

The icing for these was really fun to make! I don’t often make icing because it is hard to replicate the unhealthy version in a satisfying way. But this worked! It was from Flying Apron’s cookbook and I used homemade coconut oil and homemade powdered sugar (just process raw sugar! =) The texture was still a little lacking so I plan to add more honey or some oat milk next time but the taste – o wow – awesome!

I recommend storing these in the refrigerator so that they last the longest =) I also didn’t add the raisins mostly because I was running very low and Nathan usually does not care for them in baked goods. They were perfect without!
Question: Have you ever had sandwich cookies/whoopie pies? If so, what is your favorite flavor?  I would love to experiment with some different combinations so let me know =)

I love experimenting with new healthy snack recipes – probably because I need my afternoon snacks to survive the day. (I average around 2-3 snacks before dinner. What can I say? I have a healthy appetite 😉 These almond butter bars from Anja’s Food 4 Thought are a delicious pick-me-up and thankfully I had all the ingredients on hand one afternoon when my stomach began to grumble.


Question of the day: Are you an afternoon snacker? For me having something to munch on is what keeps my blood sugar regulated until a much-anticipated dinner!

It has been quite awhile since I have tackled a mexican-inspired meal. Don’t get me wrong this is one of my favorite cuisines – but I usually eat it when we go out and then it is usually cheese-laden and delicious =) Those types of meals have their place, but I rarely cook with cheese at home. So what mexican dishes lie in the vegan realm?? Well if this tortilla is any indicator of the many possibilities, then I am ready to cook mexican dishes much more often =) Let me give you the layout of these great ‘sandwiches’:

These Corn Bean Balls were very simple to make and wonderfully flavorful =) Instead of the lentil or rice crackers in the original recipe I used some gluten free bread crumbs I had in the freezer – they worked perfectly! I did fry the bean balls in a little bit of olive oil before stuffing them into the tortilla ‘sandwich.’
 Plantains are sooo wonderful! I have deep fried them before, but sauteing them in a little olive oil and sprinkling some salt on top is a waaay better option! (Thanks lunchboxbunch! ) Just make sure that the plantains are nice and ripe because that makes them wonderfully sweet.=)

The coleslaw was a great edition to the meal, although I didn’t put it right on top of the tortilla – we had it as a refreshing side instead =)

I was going to make these tortilla-wrap-style but the gluten free wraps I made were not big enough to contain all the other yummy parts, so I had to do this sandwich style. One tortilla on the bottom, fillings, another tortilla  on the top. I heated them in a 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes. The cilantro sauce was also great.



These were wonderfully delicious! I hope that everyone is inspired by this mexican vegan goodness =)

Question of the day: Do you like mexican food/flavors? The plantains were my favorite part, and I am excited to make them on a more regular basis =)