Well the homemade tempeh turned out great! (Nathan you are my hero!!) We have about two more meals of it left in the freezer (which I’m sure won’t last long) but once those are gone Nathan plans to repeat, and this time document the whole process (it’s actually very easy once you’ve ordered a starter =) Nathan got a free trial which was great for experimenting =) I marinated the tempeh in our favorite marinade, and prepared it like I do tempeh from the store. It was delicious! The main difference was that they were not quite as firm as the store bought. But it didn’t effect the recipe at all, it wasn’t crumbly, I just handled it a little more carefully.

I served the tempeh with a poppyseed green salad with almond ‘feta cheese’ and cranberries. The ‘cheese’ turned out awesome and crumbled just like feta! Needless to say I was overjoyed (I love cheese, but not the way it makes me feel =( so this was the perfect substitute!) I plan to make this again and this time document it! So don’t worry the recipe will be posted soon =)

Hope that everyone has a great Thursday!!