We had quite the relaxing weekend. Lots of kitchen time, movie time, nap time… it was rather glorious =) Nathan made his first batch of homemade tempeh using garbanzo beans (he is my hero!). We are having it for the first time tonight and if it works out we will be having tempeh much more often. (I think he spent around 1.40 on the whole pan and it is usually 2.50 for half a pound here =). Once we get the technique down I plan to do a blog post (it was pretty easy according to Nathan )



I made some yummy vegan scones Friday night after a long (and hot) walk home from work. Freshly baked scones + peanut butter + miso + apple slices = wonderful =) Recipe here.

I also made some delicious kale salad from choosing raw. Seriously, this dressing makes me want to eat bowl after bowl of raw kale ! I definitely recommend giving this very easy recipe a go! Recipe here.

And here are some pictures from my experiment with kale sundried tomato wraps. The flavor was great but I think I added too much flour because they broke when I tried to stuff them with kale salad, seitan, and apple slices =) I will work out the minor issues and post a recipe soon!

Hope that everyone has a great Monday!