So last night’s first venture at portobello burgers was a success! Nathan and I were so happy that the caps were for once on sale! I marinated the mushrooms in the same marinade I use for tempeh and then followed the broiling instructions here.

I also made english mushrooms, pesto, sauteed onions and peppers, and easy potato fries to accompany the burgers =) The fries I sliced, seasoned (sage, rosemary, black pepper, salt) and baked at 500 for around half and hour. (I just watched them until they were well-browned).



Well I am running a little behind as usual =) so off to finish cleaning the bathroom (yay.) Oh also I used the leftovers from last night to make a cauliflower green, beet, mushroom and pesto wrap! (It was yummy and very filling =) Hope that everyone is having a great day!