So I’m sure you are wondering where we have been the past few days (and even if you are not I still feel as if I should explain) Pantry Moths. Yes, it is true that before this past weekend I did not know what these little guys were and that meant I was not overly cautious about barring our beloved (and huge) pantry from such an attack.  Unfortunately the moths took advantage of this fact and attacked us from all sides. We were taken by complete surprise and before we knew it we were experiencing pantry moths at every stage of their life cycle! (yes, it was disgusting) I had to watch as my beloved pantry full of every conceivable food staple was dismantled and painstakingly searched. For days Nathan and I, armed with hot sudsy water, put into action our counter-attack. This of course happened right before our trip back home for a lovely friend’s wedding, so there were time constraints as well.


I can now happily say that all our food (what wasn’t thrown away that is) is packaged, cleaned and in a separate part of the house. We still have a few odds and ends to take care of, which we hope to tackle today or tomorrow. It was an exhausting process. I am just very grateful that life in our kitchen is slowly coming back to order  =)

This morning’s breakfast was delicious... I can’t believe I am just now trying banana scrambles! Its like having one big cookie for breakfast! (Only healthier of course =) The addition of grain sweetened vegan chocolate chips was one of the only sweeteners and it was mostly… well, banana!  Nathan and I also shared a green blueberry papaya smoothie – yum!

After breakfast Nathan and I  went on a three mile walk which conveniently included a stop at our library to pick up some early seasons of matlock! (I love this show and I realize that fact is rather dorky =) I had a cauliflower leaf wrap with raw beets, tahini sauce and leftover lentil patties for lunch =)


Well I am off to get ready for work. Tonight we are having portobello burgers with pesto and I am super excited about it! Hope that everyone is having a great Wednesday!