Yesterday morning Nathan and I headed out for some vintage furniture shopping. This mission quickly turned into a window shopping adventure as we discovered that depending what part of town you are in vintage furniture is extremely expensive. We have since resigned ourselves to thrift store scouring and re-sale shops, but it was a fun experience none the less =)

We did however discover a large selection of reasonably priced vintage clothing (although nothing like 1-3 dollar thrift store finds) which we have decided would make a lovely go-to birthday shopping spot. =)

We then went to a Japanese street food vendor for lunch – wow! This was unlike anything I have ever eaten. It was some sort of deep fried sweet corn balls, but the outside was as gooey and delicious as the inside. These little guys were filling! They didn’t look like very much food at first glance, but I had to have Nathan help me finish!

We also got iced barley tea and some sort of Japanese soda to go with our meals. Nathan’s soda (which tasted identical to sprite) came complete with a marble inside. This was supposed to symbolize having a full life – it was pretty cool =)

Well I just got back from a quick run and I think I am about to have last night’s leftovers for lunch. I am excited because ohsheglow’s lighter protein salad turned out to be very delicious (and energizing! )


Nathan and I are in the process of investigating homemade tempeh. We love  the texture and taste of tempeh but we wish it was a little cheaper! We are getting a free sample starter from the people at  so we will see how it goes! Hope that everyone is having a great Thursday so far. I’m off to make some raw truffles (a belated father’s day present) and get ready for work. Nathan and I are making carrot puree tonight – Yum!