Well my attempt at a more gourmet evening meal did not go very far =) Since I started making supper at around 8:20 (later than normal, I assure you) a lot of my original zeal and motivation had already disappeared. Nathan and I had decided to make a quick run to Whole Foods and the local library before starting on dinner and the library (as usual) kind of sucked us in. I found a few cookbooks that I am excited to explore. (One is on salads, another on whole grain baking and a third on organic desserts =) We also got an ample supply of movies (Hitchcock, other oldies, a WWII documentary, Wes Anderson…) All in all a successful, albeit lengthy library trip =)

Onto the recipes! I made some Cornmeal Pine nut griddle cakes to use as a ‘bun’ for these delicious lentil burgers. I had gourmet like aspirations to make some sort of fancy salad but instead just roasted up some kale chips =) I really liked adding a little bit of maple syrup to the griddle cake before putting the burger on top.


Here are the recipes I used last night:

I really  liked the lentil burgers but Nathan had mixed feelings about them (although as I’m typing this he is reassuring me that they were good =) I liked the addition of the tofu and I was surprised how easy these were to shape into burgers.
The cornmeal pancakes also turned out great and I actually had one for breakfast this morning (along with a banana, papaya smoothie) These with a little maple syrup are great!
Nathan and I just got back from window shopping and eating Japanese street food (update later today or tomorrow if I run out of time =) I am off to work and then to pick up a few groceries. Hope everyone is having a good day so far!