We are back from vacation!! And boy was it lovely! Relaxing time spent with family, yummy home-cooked meals, 4 mile runs, homemade twinkies, ping pong tournaments, boggle death matches, music, Hitchcock…. ahh the list goes on & on!



We arrived home early Saturday afternoon and I must admit that I still don’t have the house back to its normal ‘clean’ state =) We mostly rested this weekend (I guess we were tired from our week of relaxation??) Sunday for lunch we tried a lovely Mexican restaurant only one mile from our apartment. Like most vegetarian Mexican meals we have eaten, the prices were good, the servings were huge and the food was cheesy and delicious!


I mean just look at the size of that plate! Nathan ordered the veggie quesadilla with sauteed squash, mushrooms, stewed tomatoes and onions. I ordered the bean tostaquac and cheese enchilada  – Yum!

Breakfast this morning was a rice cake with peanut butter and apple and a strawberry banana smoothie  – It was perfect fuel for our morning 3 mile walk. We passed a re-sell-it store and decided to browse around a little. This particular store had really good prices and some furniture pieces that I think we should have for our new place (think bright yellow filing cabinets, orange-red padded bar stools, tall vintage lamps…) Yes I think we will be scouting similar places in the near future!

Also does anyone know a great place (online or Columbus area) to get some cheap vintage fabric. I would love to make curtains before we move in August  =)

Lunch for me was a repeat of last night’s dinner. Broiled tofu, brown rice, peanut sauce and sauteed kale! Very delicious and filling! Here is the peanut sauce recipe I used.

Well I am currently finishing up some strength training and have to shower and clean up the lunch mess before leaving for work. Tonight we are having dinner with a lovely family friend which I am sure will be delicious! Hope that everyone has a lovely Monday!