Happy Monday everyone! Today marks the beginning of Nathan’s last week of classes! And with family vacation only one week away we are pretty  excited! =) Is anyone else going on vacation soon? Its nice to have time to totally relax with family and friends =) Of course the fact that summer is under way makes me realize that Nathan and I have been married for almost two years… wow, the time has flew by! =) I hope it slows down a little  or else I’ll blink and we will be celebrating our ten year anniversary!

But anyways onto this delicious dinner recipe from Namely Marley. Nathan and I both love tofu and hummus….so hummus crusted tofu..sign us up! The recipe was not at all difficult and we really enjoyed the end result.

The Kale Pesto Quinoa was just around two cups of cooked quinoa mixed with a lovely kale pesto recipe – yum! I believe I will be using kale for this purpose much more often =)

The carrots turned out well, although I did forget to add the lime juice lol =) Here are all the recipes you need to make up this healthy meal =)

Hope that everyone has a great Monday!