It has been quite awhile since I have tackled a mexican-inspired meal. Don’t get me wrong this is one of my favorite cuisines – but I usually eat it when we go out and then it is usually cheese-laden and delicious =) Those types of meals have their place, but I rarely cook with cheese at home. So what mexican dishes lie in the vegan realm?? Well if this tortilla is any indicator of the many possibilities, then I am ready to cook mexican dishes much more often =) Let me give you the layout of these great ‘sandwiches’:

These Corn Bean Balls were very simple to make and wonderfully flavorful =) Instead of the lentil or rice crackers in the original recipe I used some gluten free bread crumbs I had in the freezer – they worked perfectly! I did fry the bean balls in a little bit of olive oil before stuffing them into the tortilla ‘sandwich.’
 Plantains are sooo wonderful! I have deep fried them before, but sauteing them in a little olive oil and sprinkling some salt on top is a waaay better option! (Thanks lunchboxbunch! ) Just make sure that the plantains are nice and ripe because that makes them wonderfully sweet.=)

The coleslaw was a great edition to the meal, although I didn’t put it right on top of the tortilla – we had it as a refreshing side instead =)

I was going to make these tortilla-wrap-style but the gluten free wraps I made were not big enough to contain all the other yummy parts, so I had to do this sandwich style. One tortilla on the bottom, fillings, another tortilla  on the top. I heated them in a 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes. The cilantro sauce was also great.



These were wonderfully delicious! I hope that everyone is inspired by this mexican vegan goodness =)

Question of the day: Do you like mexican food/flavors? The plantains were my favorite part, and I am excited to make them on a more regular basis =)