These beet burgers are amazing… for several reasons really,

  • Nathan is not a huge fan of beets and he loves these!
  • They are a gorgeous color and therefore very fun to photograph.
  • Extremely nutritious (beets are a great source of dietary fibers, vitamins & minerals)
  • Wonderfully satisfyingly delicious!
I have posted these burgers before, but I changed it up a bit this time around. I served them with sweet potato biscuits, carrot fries and marinated red onions. I really liked these biscuits – they had great flavor and were light and moist. (Thanks Appetite for Reduction!).
I have also posted these carrot fries before, but sometimes tried and true side dishes are what can pull a meal together =) Here are some of my favorite veggie side dishes:
Question of the day: What are some of your favorite go-to healthy sides?