Well, another weekend flew by! I love weekends so I’m sad to see it go.. but this week should be fun as well – hopefully filled with lots of cooking =) Here is a little rundown of our days off:

Friday:  Sorry for the lack of post, I actually sliced my finger early in the morning so typing was difficult. This is my second  kitchen related knife injury so I am thinking I need to take this safety stuff a little more seriously ;). Friday evening Nathan and I went grocery shopping and picked up stir fries for dinner – yum!

Saturday: The weather Saturday was beautiful! We went for a walk in the morning to the library and then we made a quick grocery stop since I hadn’t found everything the night before. Saturday I was in the kitchen a lot… I made cilantro chickpeas, carrot cake cookie sandwiches, raw peanut butter sandwich cookies and a spelt berry salad. I actually had more on my list but I was too worn out :). After my time in the kitchen Nathan and I went out for thai food with a lovely friend. The rain held off so we were able to walk there as well. After dinner I made everyone cookie dough blizzards healthy-style (recipe here).

cilantro chickpeas

Sunday: We relaxed Sunday morning and had a seitan-y lunch on the porch. (I swear Nathan’s seitan ‘dog’ with ketchup, mustard and smoked cheddar tasted better than the meat version 🙂 Nathan got to volunteer in the afternoon and then play basketball with friends while I stayed home and made almond butter granola bars. In the evening we parted ways once more. He went with friends to watch a basketball game and I went with some lovely ladies to a poetry reading and this movie. (hilarious!) 

almond butter bars

Okay here are the meal plans for this week:

  • Beet Burgers w/ Sweet Potato Biscuits, Marinated Red Onions, ‘Parmesan’ Cauliflower, and a Green Salad
  • Black Cajun Tofu w/ Carrot Puree and Pecan Wild Rice
  • Gluten Free Corn Tortillas w/ Fried Plantains, Quinoa Corn Balls, Cilantro Cream & Tahini Slaw
Featured Cookbooks:
Hope everyone has a good start to the week! I’m hoping to post tonight’s dinner tomorrow =)