Well I’m back from another fun/relaxing/productive (ish) weekend. I thought I would share what our few days off looked like =)

Friday: After Nathan’s school and my work we went on a walk and drove to a fried fish joint about twenty minutes away to pick up supper (I know, not very healthy right? did I mention it was free because of some coupons Nathan found?). We then watched this movie which was interesting to say the least! Not the worst movie ever but strange and not one I would ever watch again.

Saturday: Nathan had to go to a CPR training class (cool, right) so I was at home without him during the day. I was able to clean the house, make some raw desserts, carrot salad and seitan italian ‘sausages’ for a cookout we were going to later that day. That evening we went to said cookout and had a wonderful time celebrating a birthday with friends. It went until late but we were still able to leave and go see a lovely couple from back home who were down visiting for the night =)

Sunday: Sunday was the ‘lazy day’ (at least in the morning) I watched the rest of this movie – absolutely wonderful and heartbreaking! I am actually watching it again today with my sister  =) I didn’t even get my meals for this week planned so I am trying to get that done sometime this morning. Sunday evening we went with my sister and her boyfriend out to a lovely restaurant on campus. The food was delicious! And – gasp – I actually remembered to take pictures! =)


 Hope everyone has a great start to the week! Expect some recipes on Wednesday!