When I saw neverhomemaker‘s remake of the Luther sandwich I was drooling (lol okay not really – but seriously – a maple ‘donut’ bun, a chickpea patty, fried paprika apples and maple-y pecans) If you want the original recipe then head over here =) I adapted it too our taste/ingredients.

  • Maple donut recipe: I did not make the glaze/icing for the top and simply shaped these into sandwich rolls and cut them in half once they were baked and cool.
  • I added chili powder and around 2 TB of maple syrup to the original chickpea burger recipe. I also used peanut oil to fry them.
  • I kept the pecan mixture and the paprika apples the same.

Alright well I’m off to watch some Hitchcock =) Hope that everyone one enjoys! – We most certainly did!