This is what I ate everyday for lunch last week =) It was yummy, nutritious, soothing… everything I like in a lunchtime soup. Curried Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup Recipe

Well assuming that everything goes according to plan this week I will be making a delicious-looking vegan sandwich from neverhomemaker, an adzuki bean burger with sweet potato gnocchi (never made gnocchi before so we shall see =) and a big pot of maple glazed tempeh, root veggies and wheat berries. If I get to it I’ve planned on a cumin carrot soup for this week’s lunches (accompanied with almond flour crackers and a salad with homemade sprouts). Desserts for this week are most likely going to be raw but tahini chocolate bars also sound good =)

Well thats what you can hopefully expect this week. For some reason I didn’t feel like cooking over the weekend (gasp) so I’ve got a lot to do =). Hope that everyone enjoys their Monday! Don’t forget to check out ahealthyendeavor on facebook!