This weekend was great, apart from poor Nathan have to study his soul away. Finals in professional school… its a big deal. But like the title of this post implies, we were able to find lots to be happy and thankful for. I for one was sooo excited that our libraries had lots of yummy cookbooks on hold for me when we visited them Saturday. A fews days ago I had realized that I had pretty much seen all of their current collection so I requested a bunch in from other branches. =)! I’ve only looked through one so far and promptly used it to make some gluten free, vegan mini cupcakes. yum!

I will post about these some more later this week =)

I also made some awesome tempeh. I used a marinade that was supposed to be used for meat and blackened both sides of the tempeh in my cast iron skillet. Seriously this has a steak beat any day ! =) (A bold claim…I know, but try it and you’ll see!) I also put the links to the meal’s accompanying dishes =)

We were able to go see a wonderful group of musicians Friday night. It was such a great time. Their music is so powerful! The Psalters

Well I hope that everyone enjoyed the weather this weekend. I know I did – the wind did whatever it pleased with my hair (which isn’t so bad when its accompanied with blue skies and sunshine) =)