Change of plans: So last night I had planned to make this brown butter fish, vegan cesaer salad dressing and a yummy citrus wheat berry salad. I made the salad in the morning since wheat berries take an extremely long time to cook, but later found out that Nathan would not be home for dinner. No problem, I postponed the fish for another night and ate the wheat berry salad with sauteed kale and another round of almond butter sweet potato fries – yum!

But anyways todays post was originally meant for friday but I ‘m sure that no one minds getting a link for these yummy granola bites a few days early =)

These are healthy and yummy! (I added carob chips instead of chocolate ones – still getting used to the different taste lol). I like to have one of these in the afternoon when I need an extra boost of energy . I hope you enjoy!