This weekend was great. Not only am I feeling much much better but I was also able to spend lots of time with Nathan. (Which of course always makes me happy). That is us ‘relaxing’ above. Check out the comfy clothes! (and Nathan’s updated hair color – He makes a good red head, right? =).

Friday night was spent watching some classic television shows and munching on large burritos for the second time that week. Saturday was wonderful! I was able to spend quality time in the kitchen where I made two types of afternoon snacks, something for weekday lunches, and a yummy chocolate dessert. I was happy to have food in the house to eat again. I got behind after being sick and was having to really hunt for quick, healthy lunch options.

Saturday night was spent driving to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market and Market District. It was wonderful for two reasons. 1. All the yummy purchases shown below 2. Nathan and I haven’t been able to grocery shop together for a long time, and it used to be one of our favorite things to do =).

Some of my favorite purchases: organic sun dried raisins, whole grain flour tortillas, lots of quinoa, sweet potatoes (at a decent price thank goodness) olive oil, simpler times (cheap trader joe’s beer =), raw organic agave nectar… I could go on but I won’t.. All and all a very successful trip indeed.

Sunday we were able to experience a traditional dim sum meal for the first time with some sweet people that go to school with Nathan. It was an informative/fun experience – yum!

Alright, on to business (haha =) This week you can expect recipes from these two sources:

I will most likely post on the granola bites, brownie cookies, lentil loaf, and quinoa salad I made this weekend later on… (friday maybe?) Hopefully I will not be bombarded with sickness and so I can finish out this blog week strong =) I hope that everyone has a wonderful Monday!