Last night Nathan and I went out to eat with a great friend to a delicious restaurant and once again.. I forgot my camera =/ I’m not always too good at this blogging thing. Seriously the salad I had – baby arugula, candied walnuts, figs, sharp white cheddar, a delicious vinaigrette – yum! (I am hoping to recreate it at some point sans cheese =).

We also watched a great movie with my sister while I relaxed/folded laundry/drank tea and made these yummy cookies. =) This is a great recipe. I somewhat messed up because I opted out of dehydrating the cookie part and baked it in the oven  at too high a heat. Before I knew it the cookies where very hard, but these are still very yummy! So anyways I won’t note the way I prepared these (lol) the flavor was so good that I’m going to make these again only according to the recipe =)

On another note, I am sick again.. it could be worse but I’m hoping that I feel up to cooking a little tonight, I feel like I haven’t had a home run meal in a while. Does anyone else ever have a particularly rough winter health wise? I haven’t had anything horrible but something keeps coming back (uninvited lol).  Alright I hope that everyone has a great Tuesday! (try the cookies =)