This weekend went by very fast – But since I enjoy my weekdays also I suppose that is okay. =) Thursday we went to a lovely vegan pub for a benefit show. Friday night was a trip to campus for dinner with my sister and her boyfriend, as well as a house show for an awesome band. Saturday some of our family came down, which is always a treat, and Sunday we hung out with friends and soaked in the warm weather. (Good thing we did too because an intense thunder/wind/rain storm followed… yikes! )

As far as kitchen happenings, this weekend was pretty uneventful. Not only were we happily busy with other things, but my several kitchen failures last week deterred me from doing anything adventurous. I was hurrying late last night to find meals for this week so that my blog might have some semblance of order and consistency =) We are heading out to eat with a dear friend tonight, and I believe that I have found Tuesday and Wednesday’s dinner ideas so things are looking hopeful =)

Oh and someone really should follow me around on the weekends and remind me to take my camera places. We did so many cool things and I ended up with two pictures.. haha. This one is of my lovely sister giving Nathan a much needed hair cut (which was followed by a box of red hair dye!) Yep, Nathan has been wanting to dye his hair for a long time now but I always vetoed the idea (lol). But when my sister volunteered I was no longer worried! =) And I do like how it turned out very much.

Did anyone watch the oscars this weekend? This was my first time watching the whole thing and it was pretty interesting. I loved Cate Blanchett’s dress but that’s as far as my fashion commentary goes =) Have a great Monday!