I wasn’t planning on posting about these granola bars today, but last night I had a kitchen fail that ended in Nathan ordering a pizza and me munching on kale and rice cakes. =) Basically the chickpea fritters I made from Clean Food turned out well (and I will be eating them for lunch and posting about them later) but the gluten free tortilla wraps I tried literally fell apart in the pan – crumbled completely. I was discouraged and left the kitchen for a few hours before coming back to clean up the mess. I guess I haven’t had an outcome like that in awhile and didn’t feel like improvising and saving the meal (baby-ish I know =).

But anyways, these granola bars are good and very healthy. There flavor is very mild so I’m planning on adding some fruit or vegan chocolate chips next time. The recipe is raw but I baked it in the oven at 325 instead of using my dehydrator.

I hope that everyone has a good Wednesday! I’m going to try and finish the pecan chocolate pie I started yesterday, as well as have a more successful attempt at dinner tonight. =)                                                                                                      Have you ever had a major fail in the kitchen? Did you improvise to ‘save’ the meal or did you bow out and order a pizza like me? =)