Okay let me start by stating that my childhood did not regularly include whoopie pies. Oh I’m not complaining, we had lots of other yummy treats – like cake mix cookies, maple tea ring, chocolate ho ho cake…okay I’m getting hungry =). But the fact is I’m not the person to analyze the authenticity of a gluten free, vegan, wholesome whoopie pie, since I’m not accustomed to its sugar laden cousin. My husband however is. And he loved these =)

It was really fun to have a yummy, wholesome dessert to look forward to every night after dinner. I found that it actually helps me eat less at night because I can eat something like this and my sweet tooth is completely satisfied. Do you find that you benefit from treating yourself a little  – especially when your treat is not white flour and sugar laden? What’s your favorite ‘wholesome dessert’? I plan to make a pecan pie today from Clean Food and the ingredient list looks impressive, I’ll let you know how it turns out! =)