Fresh herbs are a beautiful thing, but I’ve realized the importance of making sure that I have plenty of ways to use them up before they go bad. If I want a reasonable price I have to buy a big bunch and since most recipes call for only a couple of tablespoons I usually don’t buy fresh unless I want to make pesto =) Question – has anyone ever frozen herbs, is that possible??

Anyways, onto Tuesdays meal – which was super yummy and from the blog Universal Eater. We bought some bulk pollock awhile ago and stuck it in our freezer.  In the months since then we have become more interested in cutting out fish (at least in our kitchen) mostly thanks to this book. But we decided that we should still try to finish up what we have. Enter… this lovely recipe.


I served the fish along with roasted cauliflower and a romaine salad with lettuce, cranberries and poppy seed dressing. It all went really well together and I loved the idea of making a ‘pesto’ without actually pureeing the ingredients – The texture of this dish was great!