Valentines day (24 hours early) for me & Nathan: Massive vegan bbq burgers on pretzel buns with french fries, deep fried avocado, pickles and draft beer. And yes it was amazing =) Apparently not all vegan food is health food – and we were able to indulge our grease-loving sides without consuming any animal products. This pub was wonderful and I was surprised that Nathan and I haven’t happened upon this spot before.

The rest of the weekend included trying to get over a third round of sickness, eating lovely tofu wraps with Nathan’s aunt, having a bunch of sweet girls over for the night, a great Sunday morning service and a late night movie and board game. Food wise I was able to make homemade granola bars and delicious gluten free, vegan, wholesome whoopie pies! (Don’t get me wrong they are still for dessert around here, but the ingredient list is impressive… (post later =) )

The cookbooks featured in this weeks recipes are…

I will be making tempeh sausage patties, bulger pilaf and black bean dip from Very Vegetarian. And a chickpea spinach veggie burger from Burgers Every Which Way.

Hope that everyone has a great Monday. I have some yummy meals planned for this week that I am super excited about – hope they all turn out! =)