I almost can’t say how much more I like tofu since I discovered that there is not only the vacuum-sealed variety. This particular block is an organic extra firm variety from Whole Foods Market. Its chewy texture is delicious and wonderfully accented in this very simple recipe. I started by pressing the tofu like in the picture above on the left. That is a heavy cast iron skillet on top.

After letting the tofu press and drain for about 25-30 minutes I cut it into rectangles (pieces a couple bites big). I then brushed each with Braggs Liquid Aminos on both sides – soy sauce would work well here also.

I turned the oven to broil and positioned the top rack very close to the top of the oven. Once the oven was done preheating I placed the tofu on an oiled baking stone and slid it into the oven. I broiled the tofu until it was brown on top (around 12 minutes). (Make sure to check the tofu every five minutes so that it is not getting too dark – everyone’s oven is different). I then flipped the tofu and broiled until brown on the other side – around 5-6 minutes.

These are seriously delicious and so easy to make. They are great to add on top of salads, stir fries, pastas and even yummy plain for snack. Enjoy!