Let me start by saying Happy New Year! – and also – Hello There!! An internet service appointment has seemed to elude us once again, so my connection to the lovely world wide web is fairly limited at the moment. But here I/we are, looking 2011 right in the face and waving a polite goodbye to 2010. I have never been a big fan of new year’s resolutions or ‘self transformation goals.’ And by saying that I really mean that I am, at heart, a list making perfectionist who could write column after column until my hand cramps. The fact that I do tend to strive for perfection makes new years resolutions seem daunting and perhaps a little too consuming for my liking. I’ve learned that the thrill I get from making lists is perhaps not worth the agony I put myself through when I fail. Perhaps I should make a New Years Resolution to not be too hard on myself (but what shall happen if I fail?? =)  )

But I suppose in the spirit of post-holiday-eating I could share that I am on day 3 of a detox I sometimes do after especially ‘hearty’ meals. The rules are no animal products, no processed foods, only whole grains (with limited whole grain flour products), and limited natural sugar products like honey and molasses. Of course in the spirit of not being too hard on myself these can be suspended for special circumstances. (like our friend’s wonderful German food on New Years day =) ).

But seriously, this new year is exciting for me. I am very blessed with a lovely husband who supports me and shows me how to live without stress and worry – something I will probably work on my whole life. My schedule has opened up in a lovely way and I do have goals for the future. (Even though list making can scare me =) ). Really I just pray that I keep a correct focus… something else that always seems to elude me. But anyways, hope that everyone has a spectacular New Years!! Until next time!