Thanks to some schedule changes (good ones), I am finding that consistently blogging everyday might become less and less realistic. But regardless, I plan to have my camera handy whenever I make a meal, no matter how fast I cook or how dark it is outside =) After saying that I would like to apologize for the picture quality, though I’m sure that many of you ‘dinner bloggers’ can identify with winter lighting issues. Nathan and I are working on a light box so hopefully soon I can get that set up =)

This supper was a ‘quick dark’ one. I used leftover seitan sausage from Thanksgiving, and a can of sauerkraut we had collecting dust in the pantry. I’ll link the recipes at the bottom of the post, though the mushrooms in the sauerkraut were my addition (one can, rinsed well).

I panfried the seitan in a little bit of olive oil, until browned on both sides. The collard soup was pretty spicy, but healing =). Hope that everyone is healthy (I myself am recovering from a cold – so far so good ) Until next time..