Sigh… we are home, and it is good. We’ve had a fairly crazy couple of weeks –  it feels great to come and relax while enjoying great food and even better company. I’m thankful for lots of things this year, and really I don’t want to only think about them one rainy November day (yes, there has been a lot of flood warnings here). Everyday I am blessed with my kind husband, my health, lovely friends, our little home.. I hope to always realize these blessings.

The Tuesday before we left for home, I had an inspired, flour-whirling, crazy whisking kitchen experience. I had planned to maybe make one loaf of challah bread to take with me to our Thanksgiving festivities. What I did make – two types of sweet potato biscuits, a double layered almond coconut cake, some ‘bologna’ slices, graham crackers, and a sweet potato pie dip. Yep – my kitchen was quite untidy...

Yams were super cheap at our grocery stores this past week – how perfect – just in time for the November SOS Challenge =) (rules and guidelines here). I bought a bunch and found two sweet potato biscuit recipes from Healthy.Happy.Life. Yum! Both turned out yummy (although I think I added too much flour or something, because they were a little dense). I brought them to both family gatherings and they were great warmed with a little butter.

The layered cake was a lovely recipe I found from FragrantVanillaCake. And I would like to mention that I have never made a cake except from a box mix (and that was years ago). So needless to say my expectations were very low. But this recipe is really dynamite….a healthy treat that is rich, filling and delicious!

I don’t know how it is at everyone else’s Thanksgiving festivity, but with our families, you start with a large meal and follow it a few hours later with veggies and a meat and cheese platter. I thought it would be fun to make some vegetarian bologna or sausage-y rings to take along for people to experiment with.

I used to make these graham crackers all the time. I ate them constantly until I was very tired of them. But now, after about a year, I felt ready for them again. These are super easy and very yummy – the molasses flavor is great!

Hope that everyone’s Thanksgiving was great. I am currently watching some TV while Nathan eats his mom’s homemade peanut butter pie (yum!) Don’t forget to like ahealthyendeavor on facebook here!