It turns out that I have been doing an unusual amount of noncooking lately, and by that I mean, quick snacks, a few desserts, and some dinners made of leftovers. Nothing much worth documenting, let alone interesting. The only more elaborate meal I have made lately was a rushed one and sadly I didn’t even think of reaching for my camera – and if you are like me, a recipe without a picture is never as appealing as an illustrated one. We did however get some cool groceries as you can see in the dim pictures above. Brussels sprouts, asparagus, daikon, tempeh, wine… and so on =)

This post I decided to just jot down a few weekend events, small cooking experiments and general excitements for the upcoming holiday season. Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet?? (not me =).

Nathan and I spent our weekend with the perfect amount of relaxation time mixed with the perfect amount of ‘on the town socializing’ time. (Well at least being at home was relaxing for me… poor Nathan has two midterms this week before break).

I was able to visit the lovely college campus for transfer orientation friday, and make myself look hopelessly lost by carrying in one arm a large map and in the other a bright red lunchbox.  Turns out all is looking good for my upcoming class schedule. (wow school again, yikes! ).

We got to spend time with my lovely sister and her boyfriend – which is always fun. And while Nathan studied/slept I watched Wait Until Dark (pretty cool movie, though not as great as my now-favorite, Rear Window).

I was able to spend a little bit of time in the kitchen. I made tahini, almond butter, coconut oil, tahini bars with homemade chocolate swirl, chocolate covered strawberries, and almond banana oat ice cream. I also made some roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes for a quick sunday supper. And served those alongside some more deep fried plantains (note to self, let plantains get very ripe before frying, sweet is good =) ).

I’m really excited for Thanksgiving, Nathan and I haven’t been home in a little while and it sounds awesome to visit family again =). I’m thinking about making sweet potato biscuits to take, but I’m not sure yet. I hope that everyone has a great Monday!