Nathan and I had lots of fun this past weekend celebrating my birthday. Relaxing, shopping, watching movies, going out to eat – it was great =) We had some delicious sandwiches from a cute little bakery downtown, and concluded our celebrations with a Lebanese meal Sunday night.

This was my breakfast yesterday. Steamed collard greens, sprouted grain toast with peanut butter, miso and apple slices. It was good, although I’m still not quite used to the flavor of my homemade sprouted bread. (It was also gluten free, lentil and buckwheat sprouts, honey, cumin, salt, pepper and almond flour).

Our dinner last night turned out to be a four course meal, quite accidentally actually =). We had some plantains that we needed to use, so I deep fried them and they were really yummy =). I also used happyveganface‘s recipe for pinto corn fritters, and we had them with a tomato jalapeno salsa. I also made fruit salad again with poppy seed dressing as well as carrot and sweet potato fries – delicious!