Two nights ago Nathan and I were debating what to eat for supper. The choices were this- me whip something quick and healthy up, or we splurge and buy some fried seafood from our favorite little place (only about one minute away).  In the end we decided since we already had plans to eat out a couple times for my birthday in the coming days, we should stay in, and treat our insides right by having something healthy.

I found a recipe for cinnamon sugar salmon (delicious!). I’ve actually never rubbed dry spices on a fish before, it was super easy, and so yummy! You pan fry the fish, spice side down, until it is blackened and then stick it in the oven until flaky – so fast! The roasted brussels sprouts were great also (I think I found a new favorite vegetable =). I also made some red quinoa to serve the fish and veggies on.

Okay =) I’m off to an appointment, which is conveniently two miles away, so I get my exercise done at the same time! Have a great Monday!