So this meal was my first meeting with gluten in well over a month. Nathan and I had looked over all the ‘data’ from this dietary change and the results were inconclusive. (we even made a line graph on the computer, but it just looked like a mountain range, no significant sign of improvement). So now I’m off dairy, and I am still trying to limit my gluten intake somewhat, hopefully something will help =) But anyways onto this delicious pot pie, thank you lunchboxbunch!

This pot pie is filled with roasted root veggies and tofu. I added some fresh cilantro to the roasted veggies, which turned out great. Instead of following the recipe, I just roasted the sweet potato right along with the other veggies, and I would suggest doing the same, it was easier I think.

I also made some veggie broth while I was whipping up this potpie with a lot of veggie scraps. I’m very happy to have bags of it in the freezer. =)

This recipe for tofu was great, I am actually planning on making it again, not for this pie, but rather on its own or on top of a bed of rice or sauteed kale. Nutritional yeast, yummy!

The final two components for the pot pie was the gravy and the crust (both were easy =). The crust, as I said before was my first encounter with gluten for over a month. It was nice to knead the dough for sure =)

It was actually easy to put together and turned out really yummy! (recipe link at the bottom of the post) Well Nathan is done at school soon and then tomorrow he has off! I am happy, and excited for my birthday weekend =) Hope that everyone has a great wednesday!

Recipe: Vegan Pot Pie