I hope that everyone had a great fall weekend =) Nathan and I became an aunt and uncle again! (Welcome to the world lovely Vivi!). And we got to go home and babysit for Nathan’s parents. It was relaxing and fun – although Nathan had to study for yet another test… but after this one this morning he has a nice little break =)

Food wise my weekend consisted mostly of eggs, corn tortillas, spinach, rice cakes, apple slices, peanut butter and refried beans (of course not in that order, or all at once =). So as far as recipes go, the weekend was a little lacking. But Nathan and I were able to stop at our favorite discount grocery and bulk food stores, which is always great!

Basically I had a little photo shoot with all the vibrant colors of fall. Seriously. This is my favorite season… cool breezes, bright leaves and clear, starry nights… Dare I say, it makes me a little crazy?? =)

What is your favorite season?? I mean what makes you go a little wacky with happiness?? I am definitely in the mood for some fall baking and cooking. I believe that stuffed acorn squash, pumpkin ice cream, gingerbread cookies and maybe some more tahini bars are in our future.

Oh yes, and we were able to purchase some more nutritional yeast (Thanks Whit! ) I love this stuff! It is the perfect accessory for vegan savory recipes. My little sisters also dressed my family’s little black poodle (Fonzy is his name =) in some cutting edge fall fashion.

Well that’s it for today. Hope that everyone has a great Monday! There should be a more food-related post tomorrow =) Don’t forget to like ahealthyendeavor on facebook here!