I actually made this casserole a few weeks ago. I was feeling like something good and hearty, and mexican always seems to do the trick =). This dish had several components, homemade corn tortillas, a homemade vegan cheese sauce, quick enchilada sauce, brown rice, and an awesome meat substitute made from cauliflower! (I know, it sounds crazy, but this stuff from dietdessertndogs has the texture and flavor of ground meat =)

Corn Tortillas

Obviously I could not use my whole wheat tortilla recipe that I normally use for mexican meals, so I turned to one that used masa harina, which is maize that has been ground, soaked and dried. I had the hardest time trying to find it back in our little hometown. All that the bulk stores had was cornmeal or polenta. I finally found a big bag of it at a discount grocery store for cheap (I was very happy).

These were wonderfully easy to make, and had a great corn flavor. It definitely reminded me of a more authentic mexican meal than when I would use whole wheat tortillas. I am excited to use this gluten free option again.

Quick Enchilada Sauce

This sauce was very speedy, using a can of organic tomato sauce was the key =). The blender seen in this picture is the one that came with my Bosh mixer. This blender is great, I love to use it for sauces when it is unnecessary to get out the Vitamix.

Vegan ‘Cheezy’ Sauce

This recipe was great and simple to make. Nutritional yeast is one of my favorite vegan ingredients. It’s smoky cheesy flavor is wonderful, and I use it all the time! (sadly I am out right now, but if we go home this weekend I will pick it up). I cooked brown rice and mixed it in with this sauce to make a yummy ‘cheezy’ layer for my casserole.

DietDessertnDogs Cauliflower Meat Substitute

This recipe was by far the star of the show. I had made it a week or two prior and had put it in the freezer. I felt like I was thawing a bag of hamburger for my mexican meal =) After processing the spices, cauliflower and walnuts, you spread the mixture on a baking sheet and bake until brown and fragrant =)

I took all these ingredients and put together the casserole.

I also put more enchilada sauce on top, which I forgot to take a picture of. This turned out really yummy. I baked it at 350 degrees until it was hot completely through, around 30 minutes. Hope that everyone enjoys, it looks pretty ambitious, but since I had the ‘meat’ made ahead of time it was pretty easy.

Well Nathan has an exam this morning and I have huge piles of laundry to turn my attention to and then, we’re are headed home =) Hope that everyone has a great weekend… is anyone dressing up for halloween? We have a few get-togethers we might be attending, though I’ve never really been one for costumes =)