Yesterday I realized that our refrigerator was the emptiest its been in quite awhile. Our busy weekend left little time for stops to the grocery store (although Nathan was able to pick up some essential dry good items from an amish bulk store back home =). So I decided to use the one lonely head of cauliflower that seemed to be collecting dust in the back of our vegetable draw. This soup was super simple to make and besides roasting the cauliflower the preparation was very quick. (recipe link at the bottom of the page).

You will have to forgive the picture quality, it has been getting dark quicker, and yesterday was filled with ominous dark clouds, high winds, and tornado warnings. And of course Nathan was not around during these threatening weather systems =( but it all turned out okay.

The soup recipe called for a light vegetable broth so I grabbed some veggies scraps I had been saving in the fridge for just that purpose and whipped up a really simple version.

Along with the soup I decided to bake a no rise bread made from chickpea flour which I found on thewholegang. It turned out really yummy and was also pretty easy to make (wow maybe I am getting a little lazy in the kitchen =).

I also served this meal with a side salad topped with creamy tahini dressing. It was really yummy and for dessert I made tahini bars with homemade chocolate chips again =)

Seriously. I can’t get enough of these =) I think I’ll have to take a little break from them soon… Well that’s about it for last night’s meal.Nathan had a test early this morning and I have a educational meeting this afternoon. Hope that everyone has a nice Wednesday!