Well I thought I would give into the urge to use pumpkin again. Pumpkin is everywhere right now, pumpkin oats, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream…. yep pumpkin is having its day =) So I grabbed the orange bag out of the freezer and set about trying to find another pumpkin pasta recipe. This time I didn’t want to use cheese (see last time here). I was very pleased with the way it turned out (all recipe links are at the bottom of the page).

I used gluten-free brown rice pasta. It was good, I didn’t really notice a difference between it and wheat pasta, although I am no pasta connoisseur since I rarely make it. Apparently I also don’t know how to cook pasta since I had several foamy over-flows =). I decided to make some honey roasted carrots to mix in with the pasta and I also toasted some bread crumbs from my first try at gluten free bread. (this crumbly loaf has such great flavor, recipe soon).

The assembly of the pasta was quick and easy, what a yummy main dish!

I also made a side salad based on the autumn salad recipe on All Ways Nutritious Vancouver (a great recipe blog, link to recipe at the bottom of the page). Instead of pears I used apples (simply because that is what I had), I also admitted the gorgonzola cheese, I can only imagine how delicious that would be =(. Someday Nathan and I might buy some yummier, more expensive cheeses, but right now we just opt out =).

Well, my sister is coming over later tonight for some food, movies, and shopping trip planning! I’m off to make her some peanut butter and maybe also some tahini snack bites for this month’s SOS challenge. Nathan comes home early today! (of course this is exam time so he has to study, but that’s ok, this little apartment is cheerier with him here! (as am I (wow there are lots of overlapping parentheses))). <— I’m cheesy =) Have a great day!