Yesterday I went to the grand opening of Giant Eagle’s Market District in Columbus. Not because I love the shiny shelves and crazy deals of a new shopping center, but because one of my favorite show hosts was there cooking up some bacon, salmon, and fried green tomato sandwiches with onion rings on the side =) =). Sure it was packed, generally unorganized and the autograph wait was an hour and a half… but seriously. worth it.

I started at the waaay back of the crowd, but somehow made it very close to the front as more and more people left to shop (thank you!). After his cooking demonstration Adam left and the store staff tried to organize things right on the spot. We are talking a little huddle of five people – I’m guessing the store wasn’t expecting close to five hundred people!

Well this story isn’t that long or exciting but in the end I got a hand shake, autographed picture and a short conversation. He was super nice for signing and smiling and talking for over an hour to lots of strangers. My words – “I really like your show a lot.” Haha, it was all I could think of =) Nathan was able to snap a quick picture while I got my autograph and I got a few far away shots during the demonstration.

Ok, so no recipe today, but still, very exciting… =) I hope that everyone has a great weekend!! Oh, and if you want, like ahealthyendeavor on facebook here. Thanks!