Well here it goes… I am tired of my stomach problems, I mean really tired. I had originally settled with the fact that after meal (and sometimes pre-meal) pain and discomfort was something I would have to live with. What is wrong… does my stomach have too much acid, not enough acid to digest properly? What about probiotics? Am I compulsively, (and unknowingly) swallowing too much air? (weird I know, but that happens to people). Or is it the ever-blamed culprit of nerves? I do tend to be a nervous person…. but the ‘symptoms’ have occurred during stressful and stress-free periods of my life.

So why not add all gluten products to my ‘do not eat’ list for this detox. Why not try a gluten/dairy/meat free month (not including fish, I love my salmon =) ). This could be slightly interesting since I use whole wheat products in lots of things…

Yes, this might be difficult, but like I’ve told Nathan a couple of times now, I’d rather never taste another bite of fresh baked wheat bread, then live with daily stomach issues! Of course there is also a decent chance that gluten is not the culprit, and rather it is another one of the above mentioned possibilities. But either way I don’t think it would hurt to try something new =) This post was a little less about recipes and a little more about my health – hopefully that is ok! If anyone has any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated. Have a great Thursday =)