Last weekend we were able to visit our parents, and finish a last minute clean up at our old house. We also of course also made room to visit our favorite discount and bulk grocery stores! Which leads us to this weeks great deal… Ezekial sprouted grain and cliff’s nectar bars. These bars are wonderful, no added salts or sugars, just dates, cashews, lemon juice, goji berries and vanilla! Yep thats it, they are tasty and detox friendly =) At 2.00 dollars for 9 bars they were an awesome deal too! (did I mention there is two servings of fruit in one bar?!). The sprouted grain cereal was also a great deal at 1.75 a box and it tastes great!

You can also see the pint of jalapeno peppers and butternut squash.  Squash: 1.00, Peppers: 1.00 for the pint.  That being said, does anyone have a phenomenal butternut squash recipe I should try? We rarely have them to use so I am excited for something tasty =)

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