Well, as I hinted in the previous post, I  thought I’d try my hand out at another detox, in which this time I would blog a little more consistently then last time (as in more then never =).  My ‘rules’ if you want to call them that, are pretty loose and can, at any point be suspended – sounds pretty easy right? =)

A good example of suspending the rules would be yesterday, as in the first day of the detox =) Here is a photo diary of some of the things I ate during the day. The bowl of cereal-looking stuff is ezekial sprouted grains which we found at one of our discount grocery stores over the weekend (post tomorrow). To it I added a little bit of peanut butter and raw cane sugar, though I realize now that the sugar is unnecessary and will probably not add it again. The Kale ‘Ice Cream’ definitely hit the spot for breakfast!

After lots of good healthy eats we went out with a family friend who took us to this wonderful restaurant! It was really nice and Nathan and I each were served a three course meal =) It was not in the perimeters of the detox of course, but this is an example of an appropriate time to lift the rules. =) It was lots of fun and I am definitely glad that I did not worry once about it. I wish I had brought my camera to the restaurant to take pictures because the food was served beautifully. The house salad was my favorite part (I’m going to have to try to veganize and recreate it =).

Of course if Nathan had wanted to get a pizza or something like that, I would have settled down to a baked sweet potato and some form of brown rice, but this experience was definitely worth it. I guess the moral of the story is moderation is good and so is quality time with good food and great friends. And you know what, I actually feel wonderful today =) Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!