Hello everyone – happy thursday! Is anyone else excited for 30 Rock tonight, how about the Office?? My sister is visiting tonight, so I will be spending today preparing dinner for Nathan, some snacks for the show, and hopefully some yummy treats for my sister to take along home =) My plans…. not sure yet, but homemade peanut butter and roasted chickpeas might be on the menu.

Anyways onto these amazing sandwich rolls. Seriously do not be fooled by these pictures (They are slightly burnt because I am still getting used to my new kitchen tools =). These are tasty, hearty, and sooo nutritious. The ingredient list includes sunflower seeds, flax seeds, rolled oats, ground brown rice, honey…. and ect.

I usually do the whole batch because I can get 18-20 large rolls out of the mix. I bag a bunch, stick them in the freezer, and pull one out whenever we need =). This time I decided to just do a half batch – yummy!

Well, here’s the recipe : yummy sandwich rolls Hope everyone has a nice day! Don’t forget to like our facebook page and receive updates every time there is a new post! =)