Well, its happened. Moving to Columbus has brought to my backyard the grocery stores that were normally visited only once a year (usually around my birthday, and accompanied with a trip to Aladdin’s Eatery). But now we are here, and we could walk to a wonderful Lebanese restaurant as well as a Whole Foods Market!

Our first week was spent cleaning, stacking, folding, organizing, and of course – shopping! These excursions led to several ‘new’ pieces of furniture for our lovely apartment (including a tall book shelf for three dollars) as well as my first trip to Trader Joes. I had heard only great things and was hence extremely excited. The setup was great, and the prices were very reasonable. Nathan was even impressed, and he is wonderfully money conscious =) Here are some of the things we bought:

We were also happy with the price of organic produce. It was only reasonably higher than the non-organic, so we didn’t have to cringe at the checkout line.

We of course had to stop by Whole Foods since it was right next door. This particular market is huge, with a great bulk foods section where I loaded up on dried chickpeas and sesame seeds (anyone with homemade tahini recipes or tips??).

Oh, and there will be recipes appearing again on this blog, I am slowly starting to cook in my new kitchen (seitan sausages and mushroom gravy anyone??)

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