Well, you have probably noticed that there has been a significant lacking of posts these last couple of days and that is easily explained. We just moved into our new place which is two hours away from our quaint small town. Since Nathan was accepted to graduate school we decided it was better to move then for him to have a two hour commute =P

This is quite a major transition for me (having never lived in a town with more then 5,000 people) and so far I am loving it! There are tons of libraries filled with cookbooks, several Whole Foods Markets, a Trader Joe’s, Raisin Rack…. not to mention a red box within walking distance (“hey its two in the morning, lets get a movie!!”).

And our apartment is lovely! I had only seen it once before we moved in and had remembered it to be much smaller than it actually was. Our spare room has space for my treadmill and sewing machine, as well as Nathan’s organ and keyboard! The living room has a big open space for pilates (I haven’t done them in weeks) and maybe yoga if I try out this new dvd I got from the library.

One thing I was very nervous about was running in the city – would it be dangerous, would I be able to run in front of so many people?? Well, this morning I went for my first run (at about 7:30) and it was not scary at all! =) I ran along a busy street. There was so much going on I didn’t have time to worry about people seeing me. Since I was always on the main sidewalk by the busy road (no side streets) I felt very safe.

Well this post was really not about recipes, not even about food for that matter. And seeing as our new kitchen is still a wreck of packed and unpacked boxes, it might take me a little bit to post a real update. But no worries, I plan to put before and after pictures for every new room!

Also I understand that these pictures don’t have much to do with the text but I thought it was appropriate to see goodbye to country living with some photos taken while living in the middle of nowhere =) (The first picture was one of our engagement pictures and it was taken by Nathan’s mom, Anna Ruth =).

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