Wow. What a beautiful weekend for family camping. I’m talking about Nathan’s numerous cousins, aunts and uncles. What a lovely group of people =). The weekend was full of campfires, songs on the guitar, ring toss, corn hole, volleyball, walks, wind, and of course, food. Lots of food. We are talking tables filled with cookies, puppy chow (my immense weakness), roasted nuts, and every kind of snack you could imagine. Large coolers with cream soda and sweet tea – needless to say I had my fill of delicious sweets. But what did I bring to camping? – not much, but I’ll post recipes anyway. =)

1. Butter-less, Flour-less, Egg-less Cookies

These “cookies” are very easy to throw together and taste delicious! I found the recipe on 101cookbooks. The only reason you should hesitate in making these cookies is if you don’t like bananas, because their flavor is distinct.

2. Challah Bread

This bread is delicious. I never seem to grow tired of its flavor and texture. This time around I made two large loaves, cut them in half, and distributed them to different people =). One half loaf I brought along to camping to eat that night with burgers and hotdogs. (Nathan and I are basically flexitarians when its not my home cooking).

3. Oat Peanut Butter Balls

This nutritious snack was based on neverhomemakers’ recipe. I merely replaced the seven grain mix with rolled oats, the hazelnuts with almonds and the agave nectar with honey. They were also easy to whip up, and I was able to do them early in the morning before we left for our second day of camping. (we didn’t stay at the grounds overnight because we are moving in a matter of days and did not want to deal with more packing).

4. Sweet and Spicy Mexican Black Beans

These were made to top the tacos we had for dinner sunday night. They were very easy to make, and thankfully already set for a large quantity of people. I hurriedly did these a mere hour before I was to leave friday =). (I used raw cane sugar). They were all eaten so that means they were a success! (Unfortunately I was in too much of a hurry to take a picture, so here is a generic one from google =).

Here are the recipe links for the healthy cookies, oat peanut butter balls (note the changes I made), challah bread, and sweet and spicy beans.

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