Wing-It Vegan came up with this great idea to sample cuisines from all around the world. I’m excited to participate in E.A.T World, by picking a country for each letter of the alphabet and cooking their cuisine =). Nathan helped me pick Antigua and Barbuda for my first entry and boy was it delicious!

For this meal I picked two recipes from (and believe me recipes for this country are not all over the internet) But after some diligent searching, this website came to my rescue and I was able to choose two vegan dishes that turned out splendidly! (I was also able to find out some interesting facts about this country – did you know that it has the smallest military in the world – 250 ish people?!)

The first recipe was for black bean cakes (these were very easy). I was surprised that the only seasoning besides salt and pepper was cumin, but I shouldn’t have worried because the jalapeno and onion added lots of flavor. These were simple to mix and easy to fry up.

The other recipe I choose was an Antiguan favorite – Ducuna. I was delighted that this was also fairly simple to prepare. The ingredient list was short and sweet – shredded sweet potato, flour, sugar and cinnamon. (I used raw cane sugar and white whole wheat flour). These were wrapped individually in foil and boiled for forty-five minutes.

To go with these two dishes I made some brown rice and steamed green beans. (If I would have had bananas and rum I would have made the Antiguan dessert, baked bananas =). I will link the recipes at the bottom of this post – Have fun in Antigua and Barbuda!!

Black Bean Cakes and Ducuna =)

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