Grocery shopping is one of our favorite things to do. Once (and sometimes twice) a week we take a couple hours to hop in the car and fill it’s back seats with goodies. But where do we get all the ingredients we love for outrageously low prices? Enter, The Discount Grocery. Whether it be the slow economy or an ever-increasing zeal to reduce waste and go green, these little places have been popping up everywhere. Nathan and I have two that we visit on a weekly basis (although we recently found a third that is quickly rising to ‘a regular’ status).

It is at these stores where we find amazing deals on damaged or slightly expired goods. Nonperishable items tend to be good months after the expiration date. We do of course, have to be picky. (I never get expired canned goods or pastas stored in a box without a bag). We’ve only had the “stale” taste on two items in over a year!

What it really comes down to is we find lots of amazing products that we would otherwise never spend the money on. Macadamia nut oil anyone?? How about a large bag of gluten free pretzels for $2.00 (regularly priced $7.50!). Below is a picture of us on a particularly amazing shopping day. (Note the Odwalla bars).

I’m thinking about posting a “Great Find of the Week” update every wednesday. What do you think, is this something interesting to read? I’d love feedback =) I know not everyone is as enamored with cheap health foods as we are.

Besides the discount grocery stores we often frequent our local bulk food stores for grains and other dry goods. And lets not forget fresh produce stands! These things are everywhere this time of year, and we feel good about buying local, quality ingredients. Well that’s about it, have a great week!