Breakfast is definitely one of my favorite meals of the day. Most mornings as soon as I wake up I have food on my mind =). (Although lately I have been drinking a big glass of water before eating  –  It seems to calm my stomach and prepare me for a great meal).                           This summer I have learned the following formula:

frozen bananas + ice cubes + pretty much whatever else =                                        amazingly healthy soft serve ice cream!

I suppose you could also call this a really thick smoothie, but I just love the idea of eating ice cream in the morning for breakfast! I have also learned that adding some kale or spinach to the mix is a healthy, delicious way to get your dark leafy greens!                             (I hardly taste them at all =)

There isn’t much of a recipe for this. Just blend frozen bananas, ice cubes, kale, and any other ingredient you want. (As a general rule I use two ice cubes for every frozen banana).  I particularly love chia seeds – their aroma and health benefits. I also love to add dark chocolate chips or chopped nuts after blending for added crunch. Enjoy!

Coming Soon: Oat Milk  – our favorite vegan milk alternative

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