Ever since I was introduced to the world of raw “uncooking” I’ve had visions of nine tray dehydrators filled with drying fruit, veggies, macaroons and essene bread. But until then I have my small forty dollar dehydrator that does the best it can. The truth is I always have reservations about using this method of “baking.” Several attempts at flax crackers and sprouted breads have been unappetizing because lack of flavor or way too much! But this recipe has changed me. I’m excited again about the many possibilities of dehydrated food!

This is my second attempt at eggplant bacon. The first time turned out much like eggplant chips (which was also delicious) and this time was a little less flavorful since I didn’t let it marinate as long. But seriously, these are addicting, and a lovely afternoon snack. Enjoy!

Delicious Eggplant Bacon