So I just completed a flexible detox that lasted over two weeks. It was definitely fun. Among some of the positive benefits of this detox is my now dislike for potato chips and ice cream. Okay, maybe dislike is too strong a word, but I no longer have desires to eat monumental amounts of these things at late hours of the night (a once bad habit, I assure you). I know all the recipes I share are healthy and good for you, and the truth is I do eat that way most of the time, but I do have my weaknesses, and stretches of time where I eat these things more often. Take this weekend for example. I followed a semi-strict detox diet most of the three weeks leading up to our anniversary celebration. This of course was for the sole purpose of guilt free food indulgence when this weekend arrived. And I have lived up to this plan. After all my diligence with the detox Nathan and I have feasted this weekend and enjoyed our favorite guilty pleasures.

But now that it’s the end I feel myself longing for the health, energy, and structure of my detox. Hence I believe I will be returning to it for at least another two weeks. But anyways, onto the perimeters of my previous diet:

  • No animal products (except the occasional honey)
  • Nothing with pre-added salt or sugar: This meant that I could only eat salt or raw sugar when I added it to a homemade recipe. This cut out a lot of packaged goods: all natural peanut butter and rice cakes were the exceptions.
  • No white flour or sugar: not difficult for Nathan and I =)

So there you have it, nothing too strict or restrictive and I did take occasional breaks, but all in all I really enjoyed it.

I will be documenting some of my previous detox with this blog, and most of my future detox as well. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of yummy recipes along the way!