These sandwiches, along with the sweet potato peanut butter fries made for a nicely filling vegan dinner. =) Once the bread was made and the sweet potatoes chopped – the meal came together relatively quickly.

  • I used this recipe for the tofu. I then baked the tofu on a greased cookie sheet at 400 for around 25 minutes.
  • The bread recipe was adapted from The Homesteader’s Kitchen and I was pleased with the flavor & texture =)
  • The pesto was just a mix of hazelnuts, cilantro, olive oil, salt, garlic & nutritional yeast. (I don’t love the hazelnut flavor, but it was the only type of nuts I had in the freezer)
  • I also caramelized some green onions & brushed the bread with a homemade vinaigrette
  • The sweet potato fry recipe can be found here. I’ve made it many times, but this was the first time I substituted peanut butter for almond butter and it turned out just as delicious =)
Don’t forget to check out the new recipe page – I’m going to try an be better at updating it with the new recipes. Hope that everyone has a great day!

This is a perfect autumn salad… warming, comforting & delicious. Thanks to Sweet Treats & More for providing the recipe. I made the following substitutions:

  • Instead of using regular caramel sauce, I made a home made version out of soaked dates & cashews: recipe here
  • I marinated garbanzo beans instead of chicken and sauteed them in the marinade before putting them in the salad.
  • I used crumbled cashew cheese (recipe here) instead of feta cheese.
 warm chickpea apple sweet potato salad
Overall I was very pleased with the way this salad turned out. Now I have to get to work in the kitchen. I have tofu and pesto sandwiches on the menu tonight – hopefully it all goes well =) Also, I have changed/updated the recipe index – so you should check it out =)