These sandwiches, along with the sweet potato peanut butter fries made for a nicely filling vegan dinner. =) Once the bread was made and the sweet potatoes chopped – the meal came together relatively quickly.

  • I used this recipe for the tofu. I then baked the tofu on a greased cookie sheet at 400 for around 25 minutes.
  • The bread recipe was adapted from The Homesteader’s Kitchen and I was pleased with the flavor & texture =)
  • The pesto was just a mix of hazelnuts, cilantro, olive oil, salt, garlic & nutritional yeast. (I don’t love the hazelnut flavor, but it was the only type of nuts I had in the freezer)
  • I also caramelized some green onions & brushed the bread with a homemade vinaigrette
  • The sweet potato fry recipe can be found here. I’ve made it many times, but this was the first time I substituted peanut butter for almond butter and it turned out just as delicious =)
Don’t forget to check out the new recipe page – I’m going to try an be better at updating it with the new recipes. Hope that everyone has a great day!

This is a perfect autumn salad… warming, comforting & delicious. Thanks to Sweet Treats & More for providing the recipe. I made the following substitutions:

  • Instead of using regular caramel sauce, I made a home made version out of soaked dates & cashews: recipe here
  • I marinated garbanzo beans instead of chicken and sauteed them in the marinade before putting them in the salad.
  • I used crumbled cashew cheese (recipe here) instead of feta cheese.
 warm chickpea apple sweet potato salad
Overall I was very pleased with the way this salad turned out. Now I have to get to work in the kitchen. I have tofu and pesto sandwiches on the menu tonight – hopefully it all goes well =) Also, I have changed/updated the recipe index – so you should check it out =)

Well the homemade tempeh turned out great! (Nathan you are my hero!!) We have about two more meals of it left in the freezer (which I’m sure won’t last long) but once those are gone Nathan plans to repeat, and this time document the whole process (it’s actually very easy once you’ve ordered a starter =) Nathan got a free trial which was great for experimenting =) I marinated the tempeh in our favorite marinade, and prepared it like I do tempeh from the store. It was delicious! The main difference was that they were not quite as firm as the store bought. But it didn’t effect the recipe at all, it wasn’t crumbly, I just handled it a little more carefully.

I served the tempeh with a poppyseed green salad with almond ‘feta cheese’ and cranberries. The ‘cheese’ turned out awesome and crumbled just like feta! Needless to say I was overjoyed (I love cheese, but not the way it makes me feel =( so this was the perfect substitute!) I plan to make this again and this time document it! So don’t worry the recipe will be posted soon =)

Hope that everyone has a great Thursday!!

We had quite the relaxing weekend. Lots of kitchen time, movie time, nap time… it was rather glorious =) Nathan made his first batch of homemade tempeh using garbanzo beans (he is my hero!). We are having it for the first time tonight and if it works out we will be having tempeh much more often. (I think he spent around 1.40 on the whole pan and it is usually 2.50 for half a pound here =). Once we get the technique down I plan to do a blog post (it was pretty easy according to Nathan )



I made some yummy vegan scones Friday night after a long (and hot) walk home from work. Freshly baked scones + peanut butter + miso + apple slices = wonderful =) Recipe here.

I also made some delicious kale salad from choosing raw. Seriously, this dressing makes me want to eat bowl after bowl of raw kale ! I definitely recommend giving this very easy recipe a go! Recipe here.

And here are some pictures from my experiment with kale sundried tomato wraps. The flavor was great but I think I added too much flour because they broke when I tried to stuff them with kale salad, seitan, and apple slices =) I will work out the minor issues and post a recipe soon!

Hope that everyone has a great Monday!

Yum – nothing like a filling/nutritious/delicious breakfast to fuel after a nice morning workout =) These are the banana scrambles that I have been making basically every morning since I found this recipe. The smoothie is green-banana-blueberry-chia-oat milk mixture and the yummy looking spread on top of the scramble is a awesome sweet bean dip that I plan to post about soon =)

This hummus with quinoa has been my lunch for the past couple of days now (in fact I am eating it this moment =) It is really savory and yummy!

Dinner last night was yummy bean burgers over lettuce and roasted asparagus =)

Hope that everyone has a great Thursday!



Raw Energy Truffles for a late Father’s Day Present

Yay for vegetarian thai pizza on whole wheat crust!

Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes, Energy Truffles and Blueberry Smoothies for a great family breakfast!

Me & My Sister at Gallery Hop!

Lovely friends….

A super crazy “DooDah” parade

A special thanks to vegan culinary crusade and a dash of compassion for picking my carrot cake ice cream sandwiches as third place winners in their raw ice cream sandwich challenge! It was so much fun to participate and all the entries looked delicious! I can’t wait to try out a few of the other flavors myself =)



So last night’s first venture at portobello burgers was a success! Nathan and I were so happy that the caps were for once on sale! I marinated the mushrooms in the same marinade I use for tempeh and then followed the broiling instructions here.

I also made english mushrooms, pesto, sauteed onions and peppers, and easy potato fries to accompany the burgers =) The fries I sliced, seasoned (sage, rosemary, black pepper, salt) and baked at 500 for around half and hour. (I just watched them until they were well-browned).



Well I am running a little behind as usual =) so off to finish cleaning the bathroom (yay.) Oh also I used the leftovers from last night to make a cauliflower green, beet, mushroom and pesto wrap! (It was yummy and very filling =) Hope that everyone is having a great day!